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ZTE Factory Code (All Models) – [1-24hrs]

(65 customer reviews)


No refund for CDMA phone, Net10, Tracfone, SafeLink, Sprint, Boost, and StraightTalk USA carriers.



This service can provide the unlock code of any carrier locked ZTE modem / phone / router / gateway / tablet etc. It is independent of country or network provider. Once order placed successfully, correct unlock code (8-digit / 12-digit / 16-digit) will be automatically delivered to your email.

Please don’t place any order for CDMA ZTE device. You will receive an SPC code and there will be no refund provided. If you don’t know, your device is CDMA or ZTE, let us know before making an order.

Also don’t place order here for any other brand except ZTE. Server will deduct money and will be marked as “No ZTE, No Refund“.

If you place an order for any ZTE device and code will be not available at the server, 100% refund will be provided. No refund will be provided if your device does not ask for unlock code / SIMLock Code or NCK code.

65 reviews for ZTE Factory Code (All Models) – [1-24hrs]

  1. munna


  2. variyam singh


  3. variyam singh


  4. david peter


  5. ashi

    Dear RU your great
    I unlocked my mf 90 with in minutes
    It’s 100% worked
    Service by RU is great
    Anyway my rating is 5/5
    Thank you so much ?

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      You are welcome.

  6. seun


    • Kamlesh Kumar

      Let me know.

  7. seun

    I don’t know where to pay to
    Am in Nigeria and my zte mf82m is fixed to etisalat network

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      Put the IMEI details, then click “Add to Cart” then proceed with PayPal.

  8. amit

    I want unlock code of zte90 router, how I will get it, please reply

  9. Akbar Sha

    Very fast responding and genuine site.Money spent is worth.Will prefer for future needs.Quick responds through whatsapp.

  10. steven

    I have ZTE N9132 is simlock wat can wil do to unlock it

  11. steven

    ZTE N9132 is simlock what can I do to unlock it……

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      If device is asking for NCK or SIMLock after changing the SIM card, then you can place order from above service.

  12. steven

    Is ask for unlocking sim,it can use Nigeria sim,so what can I do

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      Sir, if the device is asking for unlock code / SIMLock / NCK code then you can place for any ZTE order here.

  13. fumitco

    Are you sure unlock code working to Japanese ZTE 301Z?
    any unlock 301Z before?

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      All ZTE are supported if device is asking for NCK or SIMLock or Unlock code.

  14. Bolu

    I’m in Nigeria how doni pay I don’t have a paypal

  15. Bolu

    I’m in Nigeria how do I pay I don’t have a paypal

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      You can pay through perfect money.

  16. Bolu

    Can i pay with bit wallet

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      NO sir.

  17. benjamin

    can i pay with credit card, i don’t have paypal account. from Nigeria

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      There is an option of credit/debit card while you will try to pay. You can pay without Paypal account.

  18. seyeoluyomi

    It worked prefectly! After over a year i’ve been trying to get my modem unlocked. You guys did it

    You’re the bomb

  19. joshy

    can i unlock my mf90+ with this service
    im from india


    Can i unlock Reliance Wi-Pod ZTE WD670

    IMEI: 861567032204675

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      There is no way to enter the code in Reliance and Airtel ZTE WD670.

  21. Dave

    Zte Z64 4g T-Mobil need an sim unlock or nck? in case that device show on display the local carrier and the band used “but not” allow navigate to internet thru it,
    It’s because is locked? Need a sim unlock or nck?

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      If carrier SIM card network is showing then it is already unlocked.

  22. Dave

    If I go thru the IP address it wont show me the NCK field?
    So, If already unlocked wont show the NCK field?

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      If already unlocked, then NCK option will not show.

  23. Ayodeji Agboola

    I signed up to unlock the ZTE mf65+ and the unlock code came in in 40 minutes. Worked as promised. Good service guys.

  24. Randy

    Can u unlock a tracfone zte cymbal t lte?

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      Trackfone is not supported sir.

  25. blazor

    I need unlock code for zte mf83m. I have 5 tries left to enter unlock code. Here is my imei: 862774027130795. Can you unlock it?

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      All ZTE are supported, you can place the order.

  26. blazor

    Okay I will place the order now. How soon would I receive the unlock code?

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      Generally, it comes within 2 hrs, maximum it should take 8 hrs.

  27. damdaramson (verified owner)

    Okay. Have you recieved my order? Just paid with paypal.

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      Yes, received with thanks.

  28. damdaramson (verified owner)

    Okay. I am expecting the unlock code.

  29. damdaramson (verified owner)

    Unlock code received in less than 2 hours after payment. Thank you!

  30. Rohan agrawal

    Hi. I want to unlock Vodafone wifi R206I. And i want to use Jio sim in that. Pls help

  31. masters

    hi, is zte mf29a supported

  32. slava

    Tell me please, can you help me to unlock the zte mf83m in Ukraine? Thank you in advance.

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      You can place the order from above service.

  33. benson

    Please I have placed an order. Order number #1910 for MF910v. I put in my IMEI but I did not see a place for to put modem number. I have paid. Please help.

    • SIM Unlock

      If the procedure does not work, then before placing the order you should let me know. It is locked to which country and network. You can reply the order email.

  34. Justin

    How can I unloack Airtel ZTE WD670 as you mentioned there is no way to enter the code? I stay in India.

    • SIM Unlock

      No solution available for Reliance and Airtel locked WD670 router.

  35. Alexander

    I am from Nigeria I have added my request to my chart I wish to pay by my credit card but no option for that I can only see checkout with PayPal pls help

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      When you will go to PayPal page, it allows to pay through debit card / credit card also. There is no need to create an account in PayPal.

  36. Alexander

    Ok thanks for your responses as this not the case it as it still tells me to log in or create an account.

  37. Aliyu Baba-Inna

    Am from Nigeria, have been trying pay through paypal but its still in my chart i can’t proceed . please what’s the problem. Thank you

    • SIM Unlock

      Better create a PayPal account and then pay then close the account.

  38. Ron Swanson

    Great service; didn’t know how to unlock my ZTE Blade Z Max and was helped almost instantly. Works like a charm, couldn’t be happier! No need to look anywhere else for a carrier unlock!

  39. Juan

    Hello my modem zte mf90 ask for 16 digit unlock code. Can you service provide it sir?

    • SIM Unlock

      Yes, supported.

  40. narutosme

    I have pay through paypal. Waiting for the unlock code. Invoice id S-U2430. Tq

    • SIM Unlock

      Unlock code will be automatically delivered within 24 hrs, if not then leet me know.

  41. narutosme

    Where is my unlock code? 18 hours already since payment

    • SIM Unlock

      Plz use 0503040406090100 . I have also sent three times email.

  42. narutosme

    Bit late getting the code. But trust me this guy is 100% trusted seller and the code 100% works like a charm. Tqvm

  43. Mirel

    Hello my friend, I have a ZTE MF91 router, the problem is that I tried 3 times to buy an unlock code on ebay, everyone told me they can not generate the unlock code for this model, they gave me the money back, can you guarantee that it can unlock? will give you IMEI to set me if you can generate the code 861722011489801,thanks

    • Ravi Singh

      If the device is asking for unlock code after changing the sim card and attempts are left to enter the code then only place the order.

  44. Segun

    Hello, i have a MTN ZTE MF253V 4g router, want to know if you can unlock it. Thanks

    • SIM Unlock

      If the device is asking for unlock code / NCK then it can be unlocked.

  45. Segun

    just made payment. reciept no.: 4GG43281JE513061G

    • SIM Unlock

      You will receive the email from the server automatically.

  46. Segun

    Great Service, will surely patronize you again.
    Thank you

  47. Siddhartha Basak

    Hi, I have a ZTE MF90… before I pay, i would like to know if the code that you’ll be providing will be a 16 digit alpha-numeric number or not… i tried options from other website and have only 2 attempts remaining….

    Thanks in advance

    • SIM Unlock

      MF90 is supported.

  48. Yusuf

    Hello, pls i nod to unlock my wifi modem Zte MF920W+ Am in nigeria

    • SIM Unlock

      It will be unlocked by changing the firmware, will cost 6USD. MTN will not work after unlock.

  49. Dami9ice

    Pls I have swift ZTE mf910v imei- 868771020024391 pls can u unlock it.

    • SIM Unlock

      If the device prompts for nck after changing the simcard then you can place the order.

  50. Becks

    Hello i have MTN Mobile WiFi MF920W+ can it be unlocked?

    • SIM Unlock

      It can’t be unlocked by code. It can be unlocked by firmware change only. After unlock MTN will not work.

  51. Javier

    a un trabajan con este modelo ZTE Z831 ?

    • SIM Unlock

      If the device prompts for NCK / unlock code after changing the sim, then will be unlocked.

  52. Gadzama

    I have ZTE MF83M made for Etisalat network in Nigeria, can it be unlocked to use all network in Nigeria? Thank u

    • SIM Unlock

      Yes, the device prompt for simlock and attempts should be left to enter the code.

  53. Pawan Khumar

    Be careful to deal this people, the admin unable to deliver the code and no refund.

    • SIM Unlock

      Let me know when you have paid. You can attach the screenshot of imei and payment details.

  54. Sugar

    Hi, I have ZTE pocket WiFi model MF971V, after changing other SIM it ask to enter unlock code. Do you support it?

    • SIM Unlock

      If it prompts for NCK and attempts are left to enter the code then supported.

  55. Sugar

    Excellent! code working,
    get code in 2 hours. will order you again.

  56. Desmond

    I have just read where you said MTN (Nigeria) ZTE MF920W+ can be unlocked by firmware, pls I don’t know much about that. So should I go on and pay?

    • SIM Unlock

      Don’t pay through this option, if you need, I will email with details. After unlock MTN will not work.

  57. Htl

    Am in Nigeria, my zte mf82m and zte mf910+ is fixed to etisalat network can it be unlocked ?

    • SIM Unlock

      If the device prompts for NCK and attempts are left to enter the code then it will be unlocked.

  58. Danny

    Please how do I pay with perfect money because I can’t see that option on the website. I am writing from Nigeria and PayPal isn’t working

    • SIM Unlock

      Perfect Money details sent on whatsapp.

  59. MaItus

    Hey,I want to unlock my ZTE R218H. I think it’s locked, when I insert a different SIM and try to sign in the network the pop-up “” says: invalid RSA public key

    • SIM Unlock

      Plz provide screenshot.

  60. Marco

    Hello, can this be unlocked IMEI: 862926025371280, ZTE MF90C.

    • SIM Unlock

      Yes, if it prompts for NCK after changing the sim and attempts are left to enter the code.

  61. massimo

    si puo’ sbloccare il web cube4 di ZTE MF17 ?

    • SIM Unlock

      Yes, it is supported.

  62. Simple

    Hello, Please i just bought ZTE Ufi Router MTN Network MF920VS but i inserted a different network which is Airtel and it shows that network locked please sign in to unlock but when i signed in there’s no box to enter unlock code ! Please can it still be unlocked?

    • SIM Unlock

      It can not be unlocked by code. You need to change the firmware to unlock but will cost 10USD. After unlock NTEL will not work.

  63. Simple

    Okay i don’t need NTEL network sir ! So how do i go about the firmware ? How will i make the payment

  64. Simple

    So how do I go about the firmware unlock sir? What are the steps to take to get it done and also how will I place the order on the website ?

    • SIM Unlock

      Was replied in email.

  65. Edward

    Good day, i just purchased the unlock codes for my ZTE MF920W+ mifi with IMEI 866864024263941, order number is 11059 and i’m yet to receive an email with the codes. just to discover from the comments here that i need a firmware instead. So, how do i proceed from here and how do i get the firmware. Please kindly assist me with this.
    PS. I would kindly appreciate if you share with me any other information i might need to know that would unlock the mifi.

    • SIM Unlock

      Firmware link has been sent, if still any problem then you can email me.

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