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Unlock HTC Phone [5-50 Minutes]

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Unlock HTC Phone

Price : $ 6.00
Delivery Time: 5-50 Minutes

2 reviews for Unlock HTC Phone [5-50 Minutes]

  1. exceteraviking


    Just bought 6$ the desimlock code for my HTC One XL, received it and it doesn’t work. ;(
    In the mail, the instruction link sends me on a “Unlocking Instructions of Huawei E5331 Mobile WiFi MiFi Router”, kind of homepage I guess. Would you have made a mistake?

    My IMEI is 351860050568023
    IMEI SV is 04

    Waiting after the good one.



    • Kamlesh Kumar


      The code for your IMEI 351860050568023 is 34606826. It is 100% since it is connected with HTC database. You can check with any other websites too, who is providing HTC factory unlock code.

      Instructions page is set by default http://routerunlock.com/how-to-unlock/unlock-instructions
      which is not correct, it needs improvement according to the service.

      For instructions, you can refer https://routerunlock.com/unlock-htc-one-xl/

      If the code is not accepted at the first attempts, make a factory reset then check.

  2. exceteraviking

    With the new SIM card, it work nice; with the same code. 🙂

    Thanks for your detailled reply and your patience.

    Trusted source of desimlock codes.



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